Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

warehousing and distribution

Warehousing and distribution services are at the core of 18 Wheels Logistics and our expertise allows us to cut costs, improve performance and free up capital. Our warehouse and distribution service experts are committed to excellence. They have gained the loyalty and respect of organizations across North America. We have the pleasure of closely working with clients large and small to provide exceptional warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to each unique business.

Our industrial warehouse services experts are dedicated to creating a competitive advantage for our customers and seek to provide solutions ranging from single transactions to partnerships, including a host of transportation, distribution and warehousing services.

The following are industry segments that we provide warehousing and distribution solutions for on a daily basis:

Co-Packing and Labeling

18 Wheels Logistics can recover saleable product damaged in-transit, adjust your product for value-added sales, and/or destroy product when required. Timely, product inspections are offered for quality control purposes upon request.

co-packing and labeling

When you need to sell your products to new markets, we can adjust your product to fit the retail requirements of each market.

Product Labeling

We understand that labelling requirements change with various sales targets, and offer an array of product labelling solutions to meet your needs. Promotional, French, SCC, UPC, CSPC, plus a variety of other labels, can be applied to your sales unit and/or the shipper.

Arrangements can be made to have your product go direct to Packaging Services from our Receiving dock in order for your product to be available to sell as quickly as possible.

Product Recovery and Destruction

We provide Recovery Services for transit damages. If needed, we will perform most quality checks needed to efficiently and safely recover product from damaged cases, then repackage into provided and/or supplied shippers. We will provide destruction services if the product is believed unrecoverable or unsatisfactory.

Trans-loading and Cross-docking

18 Wheels' trans-loading and cross-docking warehouse services cover the movement of cargo from imported ocean containers into larger domestic containers/trailers or in reverse-transferring product from domestic container/trailers into ocean containers for exporting goods. We offer trans-loading and cross-docking services to all Vancouver ports/rails through our facility.

To ensure continuity of service, 18 Wheels operates with dedicated trucking fleets for both port drayage and local area pick-ups and deliveries. This fleet provides added supply chain flexibility, enabling greater control and more effective product flow. The efficiency gained through 18 Wheels Logistics' integrated resources gives us a distinct advantage over our competition, allowing time and cost savings to be passed directly to our clients.

Consolidation and Deconsolidation


18 Wheels' consolidation and deconsolidation services move distribution decisions closer to demand and reduce warehouse inventory. Our warehousing services can help drive reductions in shipping costs or distribute those shipping costs to multiple origins and destinations by expediting or delaying in-transit shipments. Our well-designed Vancouver BC warehouse facility and supporting technology provide low-cost and highly flexible operations.

18 Wheels' industrial warehouse service sorts and segregates products into outbound shipments to be delivered by trucks or rails. Additionally, our 24/7/365 gate house lets us take advantage of late-night gate pick-ups at the port, providing a greater level of flexibility.

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