Bonded and Sufferance

18 Wheels now provides a CBSA Licensed Bonded and Sufferance Warehouse

18 Wheels' bonded and sufferance services benefit firms importing goods into Canada for storage or minor manipulation or those firms involved in facilitating the movement of goods into and out of the North American marketplace.

Our Sufferance warehouse is licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for the control, short-term storage, transfer, delivery and examination of in-bond goods until the goods are released by the CBSA or exported from Canada. Your goods may stay in a sufferance warehouse for up to 40 days.

You can place both imported and domestic goods destined for export in a customs bonded warehouse for up to four years if, for example, you imported them on a consignment basis, if they serve as inventory, or if you plan to export them. Our facility provides you with a complete deferral of all duties (including the GST) while the goods remain in the warehouse and if you then export the goods. Duties are payable only on the portion of goods that enter into the Canadian economy.

The goods may undergo the following value-added alterations in a bonded warehouse:

  • labelling and marking
  • packaging and repackaging
  • testing and separating defective from prime quality goods
  • diluting, cutting, slitting, trimming, and filing
  • disassembling or reassembling goods which have been disassembled for packing, handling, or transportation.
Bonded warehouses are one component of the duty deferral program

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