Food and Beverage Logistics

Beverage & Food Logistic Warehousing

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FIFO/LIFO Compliant

At 18 Wheels Logistics, our team of food and beverage logistics experts, including regulatory managers, warehousing staff, and client service representatives, works hard to guarantee your food products are stored and moved in compliance with FIFO/LIFO guidelines, including lot/batch control and returns processing.

A+ Third-Party Warehousing

We are ISO 22000 compliant committed to regular warehouse maintenance, thorough cleaning, and scheduled pest control inspections giving you confidence that your products will reach end users in top quality condition. The standard of excellence we apply to our food and beverage logistics service is the reason many food and beverage industry leaders rely on our third-party warehousing for food storing, repacking, and distribution.

18 Wheels Warehousing Benefits:

  • Flexible distribution services expanding supply to key markets
  • Special quality control lot procedures for organic products
  • Solid, integrated information management systems
  • Daily cycle counting
  • High-volume inventory rate services satisfying peak, seasonal demands
  • Expand supply chain capabilities for market category increases
  • Augment fluctuating seasonal inventory builds
  • Lower category logistics cost per unit
  • 24/7 operation