Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

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Maximize Your Returns

Reverse logistics should be viewed as the final piece of the logistics puzzle. A well thought out returns management strategy can help you maximize value, reduce costs, and efficiently synchronize your reverse supply chain. By turning your reverse logistics challenges into a competitive advantage, you gain a streamlined reverse logistics process, greater visibility, and quality execution when you need it.

Leverage 18 Wheels' custom reverse logistics services to maximize your profits by:

  • Receiving answers and support for your end-of-life product challenges
  • Managing risks with product recall services ready to launch within 24 hours
  • Capturing individual over, short, and damaged (OS&D) events as they occur
  • Fulfilling your seasonal buy-back agreements and maximizing efficiency of your day-to-day return shipping
  • Satisfying sustainability measures easily and efficiently with reusable containers - from crates and pallets to drums and kegs
  • Trusting our experts to discover how to maximize value with a carefully designed end-of-life plan for your salvage or excess inventory (liquidation, donations, recycling and disposal)

18 Wheels works with distribution centers of Costco and Loblaw on a daily basis offering reverse logistics services. We have equipment positioned in every D.C.s throughout Canada (i.e. from 2 to 10 dropped trailers at any given time) to facilitate a smooth reverse logistics operation for clients and their partners.

  • Costco D.C.s: Langley, BC; Airdrie, AB; Saint Bruno; QB; Brampton, ON
  • Loblaw D.C.s: Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB; Regina, SK; Mississauga, ON