Co-Packing Services

Large Quantity Cycles Co-Packing Services

Our automated co-packing production lines are capable of large quantity cycles in short time frames. As a co packing company, we not only have state-of-the-art machines, but more importantly a high-calibre work force to operate them. We are your first choices for wrapping, packaging, mixing, co-packing, kitting, and variety sectioning consumer products.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Before and After Co-Packing


18 Wheels can sort and segregate products into outbound shipments to be delivered by truck or rail. Additionally, our 24/7/365 gate house lets us take advantage of late-night gate pick-ups at the port, providing added flexibility.

Our value to our partners is we have the space to store the inventory after it has been co-packed. This creates savings as it minimizes double handling of the product, reduces transportation costs, creates flexibility to meet customer demands.

Whether you need storage space before or after or on an ongoing basis for your co-packing projects, our co packing company is here to help you with our warehousing and order picking services.

Co-Packing Services

Bundle Wrapping


Bundle wrapping is a popular method of packaging heavier items, liquids, beverages such as water, soda, juice, etc.

With bundle wrapping, the film is cut to size and is shrunk around product leaving a bulls-eye at each end of the package. Cost effective and secure, bundle wrapping at our 18 Wheels is great for bulk items.

Shrink Wrapping

18 Wheels provides a wide variety of quality shrink films in varying thicknesses, strengths and clarity, to meet any of your unique packing needs. Our thoroughly trained and dedicated staff and our advanced shrink bundling equipment improves the overall packaging process for faster, easier and more cost-effective packaging.

18 Wheels maintains a co-packing service that offers both semi-automatic and high-speed, fully automatic shrink-wrapping options. Every year we continuously invest in upgrading our essential shrink-wrapping equipment to increase our high-quality output capacity and overall performance.

Labelling, Coding & Imprinting


Our extensive experience and innovative solutions provide you with durable labels and labeling systems that are easy to integrate and use.

We offer labeling and coding a complete line of solutions used in a wide range of applications from secondary case marking to application of date and lot codes on any type of packages.

  • Label one or multiple sides.
  • Print and apply labels in real-time.