Customs Compliance and Consulting


Customs Compliance & Consulting

At 18 Wheels Logistics, our team of customs compliance consulting experts can help you through the process's myriad complexities. We design a plan to ensure that you reduce your compliance risk with the benefits of keeping your costs low. When providing our trade compliance consulting service, we analyze your industry, so we have a complete understanding of you company as a whole. We then focus on guiding you through the regulations and government requirements applying to your business.

During our customs compliance consulting process, we follow the steps below to ensure success:

  1. Review all files - We carefully review all of your files to see how you've been managing your assets thus far. We also want to understand your company's overall procedures when it comes to transporting your material goods across the border. We'll ensure that you're abiding by the newest government protocols. If anything comes up, we'll make a note of it and discuss it further during your customs compliance consulting appointment.
  2. Review origin information - We want to make sure we understand where your materials come from and the legal actions that must be addressed prior to transportation. The location that your materials will come from affects which legal procedures will apply.
  3. Review NAFTA - NAFTA's regulations must be followed while trading any goods between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Our experts will ensure that the plan we establish falls in line with NAFTA's requirements.
  4. Create a compliance plan - We’ll collaborate to create a compliance plan that works best for your company. Our trade compliance consulting appointment will focus on developing the specifics of this plan.
  5. Provide training - After the compliance plan is established, we'll provide trade compliance consulting that helps you continue to abide by the regulations and maintain an efficient operation.

When you set up your customs compliance correctly the first time, it enables you to conduct your business in Canada hassle-free. Let the customs compliance and consulting experts at 18 Wheels show you how to save money and navigate the laws.