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2 Jan by 18wheels

The Best Benefits You Get With Third-Party Logistics

As your business grows, warehouse storage will be important to have continued success. A commercial logistics company can transport your inventory and provide many other benefits as well. Here are the best benefits you can get from a third-party logistics facility. Save time and money With a third-party logistics facility, you can save money by […]
10 Dec by 18wheels

5 Advantages of Warehousing

Warehousing refers to storing a commodity that had been produced in bulk until there is demand and market or it. Warehouses, on the other hand, are dedicated storage spaces where these commodities are placed until consumers need them. Due to recent advancements in technology, warehousing for food storing is becoming easier and easier. Most warehouses […]
4 Dec by 18wheels

Benefits of a Third-Party Logistics Provider

With the growth of a company comes the increasing demand in the supply chain. According to recent research, trucking companies are used in close to two-thirds of Canada and the United States trade. Most of these trucking companies are asset-based third-party firms outsourced for commercial logistics. Further studies show that nearly 81% of businesses assigned […]
7 Nov by 18wheels

How Bonded Warehouse Storage Can Benefit Your Business

As reported by the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the trucking industry in Canada employs more than 260,000 drivers and 400,000 employees. This is good news for businesses that need to ship goods, as nearly two-thirds of the trade from Canada to the United States is carried by trucking companies. However, there is one key part of […]
1 Nov by 18wheels

5 Reasons Why It’s Helpful to Use 3PL Warehousing and Trucking Providers

Are the demands of your supply chain overbearing after a recent expansion? Are you unable to concentrate on your core functions because of miscellaneous business engagements? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then commercial logistics service providers (3PLs) are your ideal solution providers to these challenges. Whether it’s warehousing, container […]
16 Oct by 18wheels

How to Setup Reverse Logistics in Your Organization?

The many climatic changes happening around us have brought the discussion back to adopting environment-friendly practices that will reduce the carbon footprint of the production and consumption processes. One such practice that has evolved and is being widely adopted is reverse logistics. As the name suggests, reverse logistics refers to all the processes and operations […]