18 Wheels Logistics - Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

To our values customers, thank you for your business and trust in our services!

Chris Milberger

of Jones Soda Co.

"Jones Soda Co. has partnered with 18 Wheels Logistics Ltd as a third party servicer provider for the past four years. During this time of our working relationship, 18 Wheels Ltd has provided Jones Soda Co. with warehousing and distribution services within our supply chain. Services include, among others:
  • Storage of finished goods
  • Inventory control
  • Pick and pack order fulfillment
  • Transportation solutions
  • Dedicated customer service representative
18 Wheels continue to strive to improve their services, and Jones Soda Co. would recommend their services."

Michelle Rodriguez

"18 Wheels Logistics is great. Their proactive tracking is fantastic - unparalleled in over the road LTL. It has been extremely instrumental in our day to day operations.

In addition to that, they are honest, hardworking people that truly give it their all every day. I am constantly looking for more ways to utilize their services. 18 Wheels Logistics is a company that shares our strong values and helps us grow our business every day. It has been a pleasure working with them. Thanks for all the sweat it takes to make your service great. Keep up the good work!"


of Fine Foods Inc.

"Awesome. Your service and cooperation is excellent. "18 Wheels" great working with you guys!"

Jackson Liu

of Asian Foods North America

"18 Wheels Warehousing has been a key partner to us in Western Canada. They've always provided a high level of service, integrity, and professionalism. We've depended on them for all of our distribution requirements in Canada for over a decade and look forward to continuing our partnership together."


"We use 18 Wheels for our repacking, warehousing, and trucking services in Canada. They’ve been able to successfully execute on seasonal spikes and helped to ensure we have secured space during seasonal lows. We highly appreciate their help and support."