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18 Wheels - Company Profile


Since our inception in 1989, 18 Wheels Logistics has proven to be an expert at providing a 'one-stop-shop' warehousing, distribution, and transportation solution for our many clients.

Asset Pooling

18 Wheels Logistics is a pooled assets management expert. We provide a one stop solution for clients who have a pool of assets to collect, ship, store, sort and track.

Food Grade and Warehouse Capacity

We currently operate out of 400,000 square feet of food-grade warehouse space in Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. We are centrally located to all ports, rails, and US borders.


We believe in strategically investing in leading plus cutting-edge software technology that creates efficiencies and operational costs savings that we gladly pass on to our customers for them to enjoy.


Security is the top priority at 18 Wheels Logistics. Our facilities have 24/7 surveillance cameras, on-site guards, and monitored alarm systems.

Asset-Based Transportation

Our network of asset based transportation units includes 210 power units plus over 550 trailers consisting of 5-tons, 1-tons, tractors, container chassis, trailers, and flat-decks. This allows us to offer a seamless transportation solution to major locations including British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Washington, and California.


Our team has the ability to flex capacity to deliver on the constantly changing needs in our clients' supply chain. We ensure to have dedicated team members to accounts that know our customers' individual and specific requirements.